The Protector

The protector is  project I have been working that follows people and their pets and how we as a culture treat our pets like members of the family and because the laws surrounding our pets are forever changing and cloudy at the best of times targets a traumatic experience in my life and helps convey […]

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For the Love of Dogs

While I was photographing for my second Photo-book I was approached by multiple owners of beautiful dogs and asked if I could photograph them and I was more than happy to accept. These beautiful dogs had their own unique personalities just like photographing a person I had to focus on the moment that truly captured their personality. […]

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Taste of Honey

My project is beginning with collaborating with animals and photographing them in my images so I thought practising would be the best course of action so I photographed a very adventurous pup who was happy to let me photograph her. This allowed me to concentrate on how they move and how fast I would need […]

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Weird and Wonderful Still Life

I took a break from portraiture to focus on still life as i felt this would allow me to focus on the subject more and create a connection with what it is I’m photographing. We all leave a footprint, from this something else will grow into something completely different. The petal carry fragrance the bottle […]

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Final Image for MP02

For this project it was my intention to get into the studio and discover multiple For this project it was my intention to get into the studio and discover multiple methods. I have done countless studio projects for this grand project the studio sessions have allowed me to understand the concept of light and control […]

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Smashing In With Fashion

Its time for summer and everyone is getting set to enjoy the summer sun. For this shoot I wanted to just capture some interesting angles the body can help sell clothing. Contortion of the body is really interesting to see even if its just simple as lowering the shoulder it can make a world of […]

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